File modification date and time in FTP

  |   Jan.Sotola

Updated 16th Jul 2013: added description for IIS 8.0. FTP protocol provides several ways to obtain a file's last modified date/time. The returned values may vary in time zone or time precision. This article discusses the technological background, ...

Beware pressing Cancel on Windows Firewall Security Alert

  |   Jan.Sotola

One would think that pressing “Cancel” has no effect and it just closes a window. Unfortunately, there is a side effect in Windows Firewall Security Alert window. Assume having some application that requires allowing an access through Windows Firewall. ...

Basic Download and Upload with FTP and SFTP components

  |   Tomas Knopp

In release R1 2012, we introduced new API for uploading and downloading multiple files. In this blog post, we are going to explain how to use the new Download and Upload methods. The usage is illustrated on the Download method, but the same principles ...