Rebex .NET components 2016 R1.1: Hotfixes, Xamarin.Mac binaries and SLOTH attack mitigation

  |   Lukas Pokorny

This release fixes several issues (mostly in the refactored SSH core introduced in 2016 R1) and adds workarounds for some third-party issues. The highlights include:

Experimental assemblies for Xamarin.Mac

We added experimental binaries of most Rebex components (FTP/SSL, SFTP, File Server, Secure Mail, ZIP, Time, Security) for Xamarin.Mac platforms. They are suitable for targeting Xamarin.Mac Mobile Framework and Xamarin.Mac .NET 4.5 Framework projects.

Mitigation of SLOTH attacks

Any usage of legacy MD5 algorithm in TLS 1.2 has been disabled to prevent SLOTH attacks. This affects Rebex FTP/SSL Rebex Secure Mail, and Rebex TLS/SSL API (TLS 1.2 has been supported in Rebex components since version 2015 R2).

And more...

For a complete list of changes in 2016 R1.1, see the release history.