Rebex .NET components 2016 R1: Exchange Web Services and SSH Tunneling

  |   Lukas Pokorny

This release took a while, but we are sure the delay was worth it. New features include:

Exchange Web Services support

Rebex Secure Mail now supports Exchange Web Services (EWS) and provide a dedicated Ews object, making it possible to communicate with Microsoft Exchange servers using a native protocol. Check out how to send and receive mail messages using EWS, and more.

SSH tunneling (port forwarding)

Rebex Terminal Emulation now features the long-awaited simple-to-use API for SSH tunneling (port forwarding). Support for outgoing SSH tunnels (port forwarding) was added to Rebex File Server component as well.

TLS 1.2 enhancements

TLS 1.2 is now enabled by default in all our TLS/SSL enabled components. We fixed several interoperability issues as well.

Experimental assemblies for Windows Store Apps

Experimental binaries of many Rebex components (SFTP, FTP/SSL, Time, ZIP, File Transfer Pack, Terminal Emulation) for "Windows 8 Store", "Windows 8.1 PCL", and "Windows Universal Platform" are now available. They are suitable for "Store Apps" targeting Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 IoT. Ask Rebex for additional information.

Mitigation of Logjam attacks

Check for minimum allowed Diffie-Hellman key size (1024 bits) has been added to SSH and TLS/SSL to mitigate Logjam attacks. The minimum value can be changes using Settings.SslMinimumDiffieHellmanKeySize or Settings.SshParameters.MinimumDiffieHellmanKeySize.

File upload/download events in File Server

FileUploaded and FileDownloaded events have been added to Rebex File Server to make it easier to track uploads and downloads.

Server certificate authentication in SSH

Rebex SFTP, Terminal Emulation and File Server now support X509 certificate host key algorithm, making it possible to authenticate servers using a certificate instead of public key.

Enhanced virtual shell support

Rebex File Server's virtual shell infrastructure offers Empty shell in addition to Scp shell. It provides no predefined commands (with the exception of exit), making it simple to provide a custom set of commands instead.

Changed handling of messages with RTF bodies

RTF bodies are now discarded by default after a successful conversion to HTML. To revert back to the old behavior, set mail.Settings.RtfMode = RtfProcessingMode.Legacy (where mail is an instance of MailMessage).

And more...

For a complete list of changes in 2016 R1, see the release history.