App Showcase: How we use Rebex.NET in PHP Tools for Visual Studio

  |   Miloslav Beno

PHP Tools by Devsense provide a whole PHP development environment for Visual Studio. For PHP projects it is important to be able to publish changes incrementally using both FTP/S and SFTP incrementally. By using Rebex.NET components, we could focus on our part of the process related to PHP and Visual Studio and we let the Rebex.NET handle all the transfer protocol related issues.

Three decades of FTP protocol

  |   Lukas Pokorny

How old is the FTP protocol? Its history started 44 years ago and the first specification of its current incarnation was published 35 years ago. However, this October marks the 30th anniversary of RFC 959, which remained the authoritative specification ...

Using SFTP and FTP/SSL in SSIS package in VS 2012

  |   Vit Zyka

SFTP and FTP/SSL components (included in Rebex File Transfer Pack) were not especially designed to run inside the SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services). However, with little effort component can be used from inside the SSIS "script task". The FTP/SSL ...

10 years of Rebex FTP!

  |   Lukas Pokorny

Ten years ago, we released the first version of Rebex FTP. I wrote most of the core code myself and we all learned a lot during the process. Rebex was new in this field and we didn't quite know what to expect, so we were delighted when you, our customers, ...

File modification date and time in FTP

  |   Jan.Sotola

Updated 16th Jul 2013: added description for IIS 8.0. FTP protocol provides several ways to obtain a file's last modified date/time. The returned values may vary in time zone or time precision. This article discusses the technological background, ...

Advanced Download and Upload with FTP and SFTP components

  |   Tomas Knopp

In the Basic Download and Upload with FTP and SFTP components blog post, we described how to download multiple files or directories with Rebex FTP and Rebex SFTP*. Today, we are going to explain TraversalMode as an additional option for Download and ...

Basic Download and Upload with FTP and SFTP components

  |   Tomas Knopp

In release R1 2012, we introduced new API for uploading and downloading multiple files. In this blog post, we are going to explain how to use the new Download and Upload methods. The usage is illustrated on the Download method, but the same principles ...