HOWTO: Terminal Color Schemes

  |   Lukas Pokorny

Color schemes is one of the features of our terminal emulator control (part of Rebex SSH Shell and Rebex Telnet) that was added few months ago after one of our users requested it. What is it for? If your application communicates with a monochrome ...

HOWTO: Transfer compression in SFTP and SSH Shell

  |   Lukas Pokorny

A feature that is requested very often is integrated transfer compression in Rebex SFTP. This is particularly useful when transferring text files or other highly compressible files, and a similar feature is already included in Rebex FTP. So why does it ...

Introduction to Public Key Certificates

  |   Lukas Pokorny

Once every week or two, one of our customers using Rebex FTP/SSL or Rebex Secure Mail components encounters the “Server certificate was rejected by the verifier because…” error when connecting to a server secured using the TLS/SSL protocol. And even ...