File modification date and time in FTP

  |   Jan.Sotola

Updated 16th Jul 2013: added description for IIS 8.0. FTP protocol provides several ways to obtain a file's last modified date/time. The returned values may vary in time zone or time precision. This article discusses the technological background, ...

Beware pressing Cancel on Windows Firewall Security Alert

  |   Jan.Sotola

One would think that pressing “Cancel” has no effect and it just closes a window. Unfortunately, there is a side effect in Windows Firewall Security Alert window. Assume having some application that requires allowing an access through Windows Firewall. ...

Advanced Download and Upload with FTP and SFTP components

  |   Tomas Knopp

In the Basic Download and Upload with FTP and SFTP components blog post, we described how to download multiple files or directories with Rebex FTP and Rebex SFTP*. Today, we are going to explain TraversalMode as an additional option for Download and ...