New component: HTTPS with TLS 1.2, SHA-2 and SNI on all platforms

  |   Lukas Pokorny

Rebex HTTPS is an HTTP and HTTPS library for .NET. It brings TLS 1.2, 1.1, SHA-2, SNI, secure renegotiation and other modern security-related features to legacy platforms such as .NET Compact Framework 2.0/3.x on Windows CE 5.0 or .NET Framework 2.0 on Windows XP SP3. It is designed as a drop-in replacement for .NET's HttpWebRequest/WebRequest or WebClient and can be used as an alternative SOAP web services transport layer.

Rebex HTTPS sample application

Modern TLS/SSL on all platforms

Rebex HTTPS supports the following protocols, extensions and algorithms on both legacy and current platforms:

  • TLS 1.2, 1.1, 1.0
  • SSL 3.0 (disabled by default)
  • SHA-2 certificates
  • SHA-2 hashing algorithms
  • Server Name Indication (SNI) extension
  • Renegotiation Indication extension
  • Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (with a plugin)

Drop-in replacement for HttpWebRequest

Rebex HTTPS can be plugged into .NET's WebRequest infrastructure, replacing .NET's HttpWebRequest object with Rebex HttpRequest:

// instantiate HttpRequest creator
var creator = new HttpRequestCreator();

// specify any settings if needed
creator.Settings.SslAllowedVersions = TlsVersion.TLS12 | TlsVersion.TLS11 | TlsVersion.TLS10;

// register this creator with .NET's WebRequest to handle HTTP
// and HTTPS requests (replacing System.Net.HttpWebRequest)

// .NET's WebRequest.Create will return instances of Rebex HTTP/HTTPS objects now
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(uri);

More features

Additional Rebex HTTPS features include:

  • Simple-to-use WebClient API
  • ZLIB compression
  • HTTP CONNECT and SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy support
  • Advanced communication logging
  • Support for .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework, Mono, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android

Rebex HTTPS is available as a standalone package or as a part of Rebex Total Pack. If you already have an active support contract for Rebex Total Pack, you can download the full version including HTTPS component now!

See also: Rebex HTTPS homepage | Features | Download trial | Pricing from $449

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