New volume discounts for Rebex components

  |   Martin Vobr

Today we are changing volume discounts for Rebex components. Changes are effective as of September 21st 2020.

Volume discount tiers

Multi-User discounts are as follows:

License countDiscount
2-510% discount
6-1015% discount

Licenses for 1 and 5 developers can be bought online in Rebex webshop. For other quantities please contact

Tip: Read Licensing FAQ to learn how many license do you need.

New company licenses no longer available

New unlimited licenses for the whole company are no longer offered.

Existing customers

All customers with an active support contract for 5 developers license or Company license will be able to maintain their current renewal pricing forever. When support contract is not renewed at time, all new licenses and support contract renewals will be available at the new prices.

If you want to discuss this and any other question please contact us at

Current trial users

For 30 days you'll be able to purchase license for old prices. Please contact

This offer is not available through resellers.