Rebex .NET components R7.0: Support for SSH agents, improvements in TLS, SSH and more

  |   Lukas Pokorny

First 7.0.* release!

This is the first release of 7.0.* series. It no longer uses the 'Rx.y' naming scheme, which was somewhat confusing.

The R6.x series will be supported until November 2024 and will receive fixes and security updates.

SSH agent support

OpenSSH Agent and PuTTY Pageant are now supported for SSH and SFTP client authentication. Use the Login method overload with SshAuthenticationAgent argument.

Support for secp256k1 curve in SSH

Rebex SSH client and server libraries now support ECDH and ECDSA ciphers with secp256k1 curve (ecdh-sha2- and ecdsa-sha2-

WebSocket compression support

WebSocket compression (RFC 7692) is now supported.

Support for 'PARTIAL' IMAP extension

This release adds support for paged searching and listing extension (RFC 9394). At the moment, this only seems to be supported by Yahoo servers, but hopefully other vendors will follow soon.

Support for Telnet Environment Option

Added support for Telnet Environment Option (RFC 1572).

Support for delayed message sending via EWS

Added support for delayed sending to Ews.SendMessage method.

Support for Argon2, Blake2b and HKDF

Rebex Security supports several new algorithms:

  • Argon2 class implements the Argon2 memory-hard password hash algorithm (RFC 9106).
  • Blake2b, Blake2b256, Blake2b384 and Blake2b512 classes implement BLAKE2 cryptographic hash and MAC algorithm (RFC 7693).
  • HKDF class implements HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand key derivation function (RFC 5869).

AesGcm and ChaChaPoly1305 moved to Rebex.Security

AesGcm and ChaChaPoly1305 classes were moved from Rebex.Common assembly to Rebex.Security. If you are using these classes and don't have a Rebex Total Pack or Rebex Security license, please let us know.

Support for Ed25519 certificates in TLS 1.2

X.509 certificates based on Ed25519 asymmetric algorithm are now supported with TLS 1.2 as well. Previously, they were only supported with TLS 1.3.

Support for modular Diffie-Hellman (FFDHE) in TLS 1.3

Although TLS 1.3 is usually used with Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman, it supports classic Diffie-Hellman as well.

Lot of TLS improvements

This release brings lot of small improvements in TLS that aims to make our TLS library up-to-date and as compatible as possible. Check out the release notes below for details.

And more...

For a detailed list of changes, see the release history.