Rebex .NET components 2020 R1.1: Fixed SSH issue in File Server, reintroduced fast Diffie-Hellman on Xamarin.Android

  |   Lukas Pokorny

This is a bugfix release that solves several issues discovered in 2020 R1.

Fixed a renegotiation issue in File Server that could lead to decryption error

After we started using Windows 10's native X25519 curve support, the shorter duration of SSH key exchange uncovered a bug that occasionally causes an SSH session failure following an SSH renegotiation. The issue manifested itself as a decryption error at the client side. The cause of this problem has been fixed. If you are currently using Rebex File Server 2020 R1, upgrading to 2020 R1.1 is recommended.

Fixed several TlsClientSocket omissions

This version fixes several omissions and leftovers in TlsClientSocket class from Rebex TLS, mostly related to legacy parts of its API that have been retained from the existing TlsSocket class.

Reintroducing fast Diffie-Hellman on Xamarin.Android

Until 2019 R4.2, Rebex binaries for Xamarin.Android platforms used Android's cryptographic API for Diffie-Hellman calculations. However, this functionality is no longer available in current Rebex binaries targeting Xamarin.Android via .NET Standard 2.0. To make it possible to use the faster Diffie-Hellman implementation on Xamarin.Android again, we have have added it to our native extensions library. Once enabled, it will make Diffie-Hellman key exchange in TLS and SSH as fast on Xamarin.Android as before.

And more...

For a complete list of changes see the release history.

.NET CF Legacy Edition update

We have also release an updated version of the legacy edition of Rebex components: 2019 R3.4. It incorporates most updates and fixes from the mainstream edition. See .NET CF Legacy Edition release history for details.