Rebex .NET components 2018 R3: A handful of useful enhancements

  |   Lukas Pokorny

This release introduces various enhancements and adds some missing features:

Password-hiding in Verbose logging mode

Communication logs created with Verbose level no longer contain authentication credentials, which makes it more convenient and safer to share them with others.

Support for canceling HTTP requests

Implemented HttpRequest.Abort() method and added WebClient.Cancel() method to make it possible to cancel pending requests.

Support for '' SFTP extension

Added support OpenSSH's fsync extension that makes it possible to ensure that modified file data has been written to disk. At client-side, this has to be enabled using Sftp.Settings.EnableFileSync property.

Added Sftp.CreateLink method

The new CreateLink method supports both symbolic links and hard links. For hard-links, the server must support OpenSSH's extension.

Auto-connect on .NET Compact Framework

Added auto-connect feature on .NET Compact Framework. Enabling HttpRequestCreator's or WebClient's Settings.AutoConnectToInternet property will make the component to try to establish an Internet connection automatically.

Connection-establishing API for .NET CF

Added very simple connection-establishing API for .NET Compact Framework (Rebex.Net.ConnectionManagement namespace).

And more...

This release also brings several bugfixes and enhancements. For a complete list of changes in 2018 R3, see the release history.