Rebex .NET components 2017 R6.1: Remote file system info in SFTP, support for CNG on .NET CF 3.9

  |   Lukas Pokorny

This is a maintenance release that adds several new features as well:

Remote file system information in SFTP

Rebex SFTP features GetFileSystemInfo method, which makes it possible to determine free space and other information about a remote file system drive.

Native elliptic curve cryptography on Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Rebex components utilize MS CNG API on .NET Compact Framework 3.9 / Windows Embedded Compact 2013, making it possible to use ECDH and ECDSA ciphers in TLS/SSL and SFTP/SSH without any external plugins.

And more...

For a complete list of changes in 2017 R6.1, see the release history.

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