Rebex .NET components 2017 R4.1: Efficient multiple message download in IMAP, bug fixes and workarounds

  |   Lukas Pokorny

The latest version of Rebex components brings several enhancements, workarounds and bug fixes. New features include:

Efficient downloading of multiple messages in IMAP

The Imap object features a new GetMessages method that makes it possible to download lots of messages efficiently - without multiple client-server roundtrips.

Read-only RSAES-OAEP support

Rebex Secure Mail's MailMessage and MimeMessage objects adds RSAES-OAEP signature validation with SHA-1 and SHA-2 hash algorithms. Support for RSAES/OAEP signature creation will be added in one of the next releases.

For a complete list of changes in 2017 R4.1, see the release history.

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