Rebex .NET components 2015 R3.1: File Server compatibility fixes

  |   Lukas Pokorny

This release fixes two issues in Rebex File Server and disables "arcfour" cipher in our SSH implemention. Otherwise, there are no changes. If you don't use Rebex File Server or any of our SSH-based components, there is no need to upgrade.

File Server fixes

Last week, we released Rebex File Server component. Unfortunately, the first versions suffered from a compatibility issue which caused WinSCP clients to fail when uploading files using SFTP. Additionally, we discovered a bug in our SCP implementation that made it impossible to upload files and directories whose names contained whitespaces.

Disabled "arcfour" SSH cipher

We believe the recently discovered attack on RC4 in TLS/SSL might also affect one of the RC4 ciphers used with SSH. The vulnerable cipher is called "arcfour" and although it has been superseded by "arcfour256" and "arcfour128" in 2006 to address the weak keys issue, many clients and servers still enable it by default.

Fortunately, this is less of a problem than the corresponding TLS/SSL issue because the legacy "arcfour" cipher is seldom used with SSH. However, as a first step before eventually removing RC4 support altogether, we have disabled the "arcfour" cipher by default.

And more...

For a complete list of changes in 2015 R3.1, see the release history.