Rebex supports Ukraine and stops doing business with Russia

  |   Martin Vobr

Due to the recent events, namely the Russian invasion to Ukraine, we decided to suspend doing business with clients in Russia and Belarus.

There is no justification for this aggression, whose cost are being borne by innocent Ukrainians. Vladimir Putin has fabricated a feeble pretext on which to invade, but Russia's disinformation and propaganda has convinced no one here with access to information.

We believe that the Russian people did not want this war, and that they would oppose it if they had the chance to know the facts. We deeply regret lost lives of Ukraine civilians and of troops on both sides. We know that lot of people in Russia do oppose the terror their government inflicted, and denying them access to our software is not an easy decision. However, Russian government has left us with no other option.

Waging wars on neighboring countries whose politics your government does not like has no place in the 21st century.

Please do what you can to stop the bloodshed!