Announcing Rebex 2019 R4 Preview 1 with TLS 1.3 support

  |   Lukas Pokorny

In August 2018, IETF published RFC 8446, the final version of the long avaited TLS 1.3 protocol. Despite the name, it's actually a major overhaul of TLS 1.2, which means it will most likely take few years before it becomes as ubiquitous as its predecessors.

Today, we are releasing Preview 1 of the forthcoming 2019 R4 release, which adds TLS 1.3 support to Rebex HTTPS, WebSocket, FTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, EWS and Telnet components. It is not production-ready yet, and it definitely needs more testing in the wild. However, it's already quite stable and compatible.

To give it a try:

  1. Download Rebex Total Pack 2019 R4 Preview 1.
  2. Reference the assemblies you need from your application.
  3. Set your Rebex NuGet license key.
  4. Enable TLS 1.3 via [client].Settings.SslAllowedVersion.

Example code for Rebex HTTPS:

// Replace the key with your Rebex NuGet key.
// More info:        
Rebex.Licensing.Key = "==AOIojyDM+DZjQGV7F85lcauiygcmkEiz4dVIjXDTka2w==";

// Enable TLS 1.3 via TLS/SSL settings.
var client = new Rebex.Net.WebClient();
client.Settings.SslAllowedVersions |= TlsVersion.TLS13;

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