Rebex Time for .NET version 2.0 released (NTP/SNTP component)

  |   Martin Vobr

Rebex Time for .NET/.NET CF, our component for time synchronization with NTP or SNTP servers, has reached version 2.0.

What's new?

  • The API has been completely redesigned to be more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Added SystemClock class for setting the local system clock in Windows.
  • Native builds for .NET Framework 2.0, 1.1, 1.0 and .NET Compact Framework 2.0, 1.0 now available.
  • The source code and samples no longer requires the 'unsafe' switch.
  • Assembly is now CLS-compliant.
  • Samples rewritten using the new API.
  • Tutorials added.

This version is available as a free update to existing customers who purchased the previous version during the last year.

See also Component homepage | Trial download | Pricing from $99