Support Contract renewal policy update

  |   Michal Schrotter

We are changing the parameters of our renewal policy starting from May 1st 2022. We are keeping the 50% renewal discount, but it will only apply to seamlessly renewed support contracts. In other words, it will no longer apply to support contracts that expired more than 3 months ago.

For the vast majority of you, our long-standing customers, nothing changes at all because you renew your contracts on time. For us, this is an appreciation not only of the level of our products and their updates but also of the quality of our support. Thank you!

Updated support renewal policy:

  • When your support contract is active or has expired less than 3 months ago, you can renew it on our website with a discount:
    • Renewal price is 50% of the full license price.
    • The new contract seamlessly extends the original contract, it starts at the original contract's expiration date.

  • When your support contract expired more than 3 months ago:
    • Renewal discount is no longer available. You have to purchase new license.
    • The new contract begins at the date of the purchase.

We know that mistakes happen, contract renewal notifications get lost, or the process gets stuck and delayed. We are sympathetic to this, so please feel free to contact when you miss the term.

Effective date

This change will become effective on May 1st, 2022.