Rebex SFTP Beta 1 for Xamarin.iOS released

  |   Tomas Knopp

UPDATE 2013-12-04:

Final version of Rebex Total Pack (which includes SFTP) with official support for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android is available as a part of Release 2013 R3.

To give it a try, just download the Rebex SFTP for Xamarin.iOS beta

For a long time, developers using Rebex components have been asking for a Xamarin.iOS (MonoTouch) and Xamarin.Android (Mono for Android) version. With the rise of iOS and Android platforms, this became a must-have feature.

Today, we would like to announce a beta version of Rebex SFTP targeting Xamarin.iOS, which makes it possible to easily add SFTP capabilities to native iOS apps written in C #.

This includes:

  • Rebex SFTP assemblies compatible with Xamarin.iOS (time-limited beta - see forum post for more information)
  • SftpBrowser sample project for Xamarin Studio (connect, browse and download files from SFTP servers)
  • An online API reference guide

We are working hard to bring Xamarin.iOS compatibility to more components - Rebex FTP/SSL is next in line, followed by Rebex SFTP and FTP/SSL for Xamarin.Android.

We will appreciate your feedback at or our forum. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Here are screenshots of SftpBrowser sample running on iPhone: