Rebex Secure FTP name changed to Rebex FTP/SSL

  |   Lukas Pokorny

Since the release of Rebex SFTP component (an implementation of SSH file transfer protocol), the name of Rebex Secure FTP was no longer suitable for our FTP over TLS/SSL component, because Secure FTP and SFTP are just too similar. For this reason, we decided to change the name of Rebex Secure FTP component to Rebex FTP/SSL. We believe this will make it easier to distinguish the two components.

  • If you already purchased Rebex Secure FTP, nothing changes for you, except that any new releases available at our website will use the new name. No DLL names were changed, so there is no need to worry when upgrading to the latest version.
  • If you are currently evaluating Rebex Secure FTP and decide to purchase the full version, buy it under the new name of Rebex FTP/SSL.

Also, we wrote a page that aims to explain the differences between different file transfer protocols and often ambiguous acronyms or common names. In case you need a file transfer protocol component for .NET and you are not quite sure which one, this page should provide some guidelines.