New Rebex components prices

  |   Martin Vobr

Today we are increasing prices for some of Rebex components. Those changes are effective as of April 2nd 2019.

New pricing

Component Price for 1 developer
Rebex Total Pack $1,199
Rebex SSH Pack$899
Rebex File Transfer Pack$699
Rebex File Server$349
Rebex FTP/SSL$349 (no change)
Rebex HTTPS$449 (no change)
Rebex Secure Mail$299 (no change)
Rebex Security$99 (no change)
Rebex SFTP$349 (no change)
Rebex Terminal Emulation$699
Rebex Time$99 (no change)
Rebex WebSocket$349 (new component)
Rebex ZIP$199 (no change)

Existing customers

All customers with an active support contract will be able to maintain their current renewal pricing forever. When support contract is not renewed at time, all new licenses and support contract renewals will be available at the new prices. If you want to discuss this and any other question you might have just contact us at

This offer is not available through resellers.

Current trial customers

For 30 days you'll be able to purchase license for old prices. Please contact

This offer is not available through resellers.