New component: Rebex SSH Shell for .NET - Secure shell and terminal emulation

  |   Lukas Pokorny

A new component has just been released: Rebex SSH Shell for .NET.

Rebex SSH Shell component is an SSH shell and terminal emulation library for .NET languages (such as C # or VB.NET). It makes it easy to execute commands on Unix/Windows SSH servers or add terminal emulation capabilities to your applications. All popular Linux and Windows SSH servers are supported. Most common shells are supported as well.

Features include:

  • Remote command execution over SSH channel.
  • Remote SSH shell.
  • Terminal emulation (Windows Forms control and virtual terminal).
  • Terminal session recording and replay
  • Username/password and public key authentication
  • Lot of samples in C # and VB.NET including WinForm SSH client.
  • Easy-to-follow tutorial for a quick start.
  • Includes Rebex Security component with support for signature/verification, encryption/decryption, etc.
  • Complete C # source code is optionally available.
  • And more...

Additionally, we have added Rebex SSH Pack to our portfolio - this contains both SFTP (file transfer over SSH) and SSH Shell components in a single pack.

See also: SSH Shell component homepage | Download trial | Pricing from $349