Introducing .NET CF 3.5/3.9 legacy editions

  |   Lukas Pokorny

On July 1st 2019, .NET Compact Framework became a legacy platform as defined by our platform support policy. Therefore, from Sep 9th 2019, Rebex components are available in two separate editions with different pricing that reflects rising costs of maintaining support for legacy .NET CF platforms:

Please note that legacy editions of Rebex components are standalone products with a separate lifecycle. The latest legacy edition available for download is 2019 R3.1.

Free legacy edition for current users

If you already have a Rebex support contract that was active on Sep 9th 2019, you are eligible to get .NET Compact Framework legacy edition without an extra fee. This includes binaries, support and maintenance until the end of the Support Contract that was active on Sep 9th 2019. To claim your legacy maintenance contract, please contact us at