New component: .MSG file format API

  |   Lukas Pokorny

Rebex MSG is a .NET library for reading, processing and writing Microsoft Outlook .MSG e-mail message files. It does not need Outlook to be installed and supports all mainstream .NET platforms, ranging from .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 7 to .NET 5.0 on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Easy-to-use API

With Rebex MSG's simple API, working with Outlook MSG files is easy:

// create an instance of MsgMessage
var message = new MsgMessage();

// set properties
message.Sender = "";
message.To.Add("", "Rebex");
message.To.Add("Bob <>");
message.Subject = "MSG example";
message.SetBody("Created by Rebex MSG.");

// save the message to a file

Rebex MSG is available as a standalone package or as a part of Rebex Total Pack. If you already have an active support contract for Rebex Total Pack, you can download the full version including the MSG library now!

See also: Rebex MSG homepage | Features | Download trial | Pricing from $199