Buru SFTP Server version 1.8

  |   Martin Vobr

Non-interactive install

We added a new command for quick non-interactive setup: buru init. The command also checks existing configuration file and so is very handy for upgrades with breaking changes or troubleshooting any errors in the configuration.

Security changes

Unsupported SSH algorithms will now prevent server from starting. We are well aware that logs are usually only checked when something goes wrong and we'd like to avoid a situation when user believes his configuration is used as is.

Usernames are case insensitive and case sensitivity is no longer configurable. We believe this change makes sense as usernames are case insensitive anyway in Windows environment.

Log retention is now configurable

You can specify how many log files should be kept. The log files are created daily so the number also corresponds to time period in days. For details see configuration

Minor fixes

  • Fixed handling of unknown SSH packets received before authentication
  • Workaround for very old OpenSSH 4.x/5.x clients not accepting data packets while SSH renegotiation is in progress
  • Web administration can now start even without valid configuration file

And more...

For a complete list of changes, see the release notes.