Rebex Buru SFTP Server 2.9.5: Post-installation configuration wizard

  |   Lukas Paluzga

We have released Rebex Buru SFTP Server v2.9.5. Here is an overview of changes, fixes and improvements.

Post-installation configuration wizard

Installer package now contains post-installation configuration wizard, which allows you to configure basic settings after the installation, for example:

  • SSH endpoints for SSH/SFTP server
  • HTTP endpoints for Web Administration
  • Windows Firewall settings for both SSH and HTTP endpoints
  • User account with optional SFTP and Web Administration access

Startup logs

SSH server and Web Administration now always log startup messages to a log file with restricted size and rotation. The log files can be viewed using the Web Administration or accessed directly in the log subdirectory of the configuration directory.

Minor fixes and improvements

  • 2.9.5
    • Web Administration configuration pages now allow to “Save and restart service”.
    • Startup logs are now accessible using Web Administration
  • 2.9.4
    • Changed An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. message severity from Error to Warning. This happens when SSH clients unexpectedly close the SSH connection.
  • 2.9.3
    • Technological release - updated internal libraries, including Serilog (relevant for those who use custom logging).
  • 2.9.2
    • Fixed exit code for burusftp.exe --help and burusftpwa.exe --help
    • burusftp.exe path list now supports CSV output format using --format csv.
  • 2.9.1
    • AES-CBC encryption algorithms are now categorized as ‘intermediate’ (formerly ‘modern’). We recommend using AES-GCM instead.
    • Fixed broken login after invalid password attempt with MFA enabled.
    • Optimized moving files on the same volume when using SFTP or SCP.
  • 2.9.0
    • Post-installation configuration wizard
    • Application startup is now always logged to %CONFIG%/logs. We find it particularly useful when troubleshooting startup issues even when no logging is enabled in the configuration.

For complete list of fixes and improvements see Release notes

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