Rebex Buru SFTP Server 2.3 released

  |   Lukas Paluzga

We have released Rebex Buru SFTP Server v2.3. Here is an overview of changes, fixes and improvements.

Configurable SSH renegotiation

SSH renegotiation, or key re-exchange, is an infamous pit of compatibility issues. Since not all SSH clients implement this feature "properly", it is now possible to turn renegotiation off or set it to arbitrary value, both in the configuration file and using the web administration. Unless you transfer very large amounts of data in each session (larger than 1GB) or keep your session open for too long (more than 1 day), it should be fairly safe to turn renegotiation off.

Minor fixes

Calling user add now no longer fails when the caller is missing privilege to query Windows service definitions. This was needed to determine whether service user has access to user folders (unless the user uses impersonated access).

Also, we fixed an issue when users connecting using SFTP or SCP without any path mapping were not able to log in properly and were disconnected immediately with (depending on client) cryptic error message. They can now log in and will see a read-only, empty directory.