Rebex Buru SFTP Server 2.0 released

  |   Lukas Paluzga

We have released Rebex Buru SFTP Server v2.0. This is a major release which brings several new features and some breaking changes.

Upgrade from 1.x

Since we renamed both the SFTP Server and Web administration service, you need to reinstall them. As for the rest of the breaking changes, most of them are minor and probably won't affect you. Good news is that the user database, server configuration and virtually all CLI commands are backward compatible.

More features in Pro version

Since the beginning Buru SFTP Server is available in two separate editions. There is a Professional version (for business use) and a Free version (for non-profits). From the version 2.0 we started to add some new features exclusively for Pro edition. First of them is Windows authentication. The Free version of Buru SFTP Server is still available for non-profits, academy or personal use.

Windows authentication

Users can now authenticate and access files using their Windows account (Pro edition only). This means that the server account no longer needs access rights to every users' folders. Also more fine-grained access settings can be achieved using Windows' ACL. We encourage administrators to set up account lockout for internet facing servers accordingly so Windows accounts can't be locked nor brute-force attacks can be used to guess Windows passwords for further breach. See the authentication documentation for more details.

Custom logging configuration file

Thanks to a client request it is now possible to use custom logging configuration. You can now ship logs to databases, Azure or wherever you fancy. Read more in the server configuration documentation.