Build 3479: SHA-2 in Secure Mail, GSSAPI and Kerberos in SFTP and SSH Shell

  |   Lukas Pokorny

SHA-2 support in Secure Mail

In addition do SHA-1 and MD5 hash algorithms, SHA-2 support was added to Rebex Secure Mail. This includes SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512. Signatures using these algorithms can now be both created and validated. This feature only works in Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003 and newer OS's.

GSSAPI and Kerberos support in SFTP and SSH Shell

GSSAPI authentication - "gssapi-with-mic" authentication method defined by RFC 4462 - is now supported by Rebex SFTP and Rebex SSH Shell along with Kerberos v5 and NTLM mechanisms. Microsoft SSPI is used as an underlying authentication provider for both. There is a new easy-to-use Login method overload for this authentication method and we will definitely post more information about it soon.

IEnumerable support added to collections

This means that you can now use the LINQ query language (and its extension methods) with collections such as SftpItemCollection or AttachmentCollection.

Complete list of changes:

  • FTP: Added automated UTF-8 detection on modern FTP servers.
  • FTP: Listing parser enhanced to support some non-English month names that sometimes occur in file listings of broken servers.
  • FTP: Fixed a bug that might cause an active FTP connection to immediately time out when executed on an existing but idle connection.
  • FTP: IEnumerable support added to collections for .NET 2.0 and higher.
  • FTP: Ftp.CopyToAnotherServer method can now handle Abort requests.
  • FTP: Bandwidth throttling functionality slowed down the transfer too much when a limited but high speed was requested.
  • SFTP: IEnumerable support added to collections for .NET 2.0 and higher.
  • Mail CF: First public release of the .NET Compact Framework package of Rebex Secure Mail.
  • MIME: Signature parser enhanced to better parse "signed" e-mails with missing signature.
  • MIME: Binary attachments claiming to be text are now parsed as application/octet-stream.
  • MIME: IEnumerable support added to collections for .NET 2.0 and higher.
  • MIME: Fixed a bug in MimeHeaderCollection class that made it possible to add a null header.
  • MIME: Date header parser enhanced to handle invalid ';' characters.
  • S/MIME: Added support for messages signed using algorithms based on SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512).
  • IMAP: Added workround for Gmail that is unable to select a localized version of the Inbox folder. The inbox folder is now reported as Inbox for all Gmail language variants.
  • IMAP: Fixed a bug in IMAP response parser that caused it to fail in rare circumstances.
  • SSH Shell: Added support for break request defined by RFC 4335.
  • SSH Shell: Added Shell.GetExitCode method to make it possible to retrieve process exit code (if available).
  • Terminal: Fixed bad exception message in TerminalControl.Bind method.
  • Terminal: TerminalOptions serialization fixed to work correctly with serialized data from older releases.
  • Terminal: Fixed a bug in the logging code for SshChannel.SetTerminalSize method.
  • SSH Core: Support for GSSAPI authentication (gssapi-with-mic) added. Kerberos (not on .NET CF) and NTLM mechanisms are supported. MS SSPI is used as an underlying authentication provider.
  • SSH Core: SshFingerprint class extended to support multiple hash algorithms.
  • SSH Core: Added BannerReceived event that ca be used to receive banner messages sent by the server.
  • SSH Core: Added FingerprintCheck event as an alternative way to check server fingerprint.
  • SSH Core: Support for authentication using both username/password and public key at the same time made compatible with Maverick SSHD server.
  • Time: Version number change only.
  • TLS/SSL: Enhanced logging of certificate-related actions during the TLS/SSL negotiation.
  • Security: .PFX/P12 private key file loading support for Windows Mobile 5 and newer.
  • Security: Added support for signatures based on SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512.
  • Security: If .NET 3.5 is available, a new and much faster AES implementation is used instead of RijndaelManaged.
  • Security: Behavior of certificate finders in CMS/PKCS #7 was enhanced - embedded certificates are always searched now.

If you know about a missing feature that you would like us to add, please visit our customer feedback & ideas forum to add some suggestions for us!