Build 2525 released: IMAP enhancements, MIME parser bugfixes, Secure FTP for .NET CF speedup

  |   Lukas Pokorny

Build 2525 was release last week. There is a new feature in Imap class that makes it possible to determine whether the message has any attachments without downloading it. Additionally, it contains several bugfixes and parser enhancements in Rebex Mail family an optimization in Rebex FTP, and a bugfix in Compact Framework version of SecureSocket, our TLS/SSL library, that should provide some speedup.

Detailed list of changes:

  • Mail (IMAP): Added AttachmentInfo to ImapListFields enum and the corresponding HasAttachment property to ImapMessageInfo class to make it possible to determine whether the message has any attachments without downloading it.
  • Mail (IMAP): Fixed a bug in message structure parser that could cause GetMessageList or GetMessageInfo to fail if retrieving attachment info or HTML and text bodies.
  • Mail (IMAP): Fixed a bug in ImapFolder that caused a wrong vaule NotSeenMessageCount for folders returned by Imap.GetFolderInfo method.
  • Mail (MIME): Following parsers made more benevolent: date header, content type parameter parser, address parser, MIME version parser, quoted-printable header parser and Base64 parser.
  • Mail (MIME): Fixed a bug in phrase header parser that could cause the component to hang.
  • FTP: GetUploadStream/GetDownloadStream methods optimized. They no longer use a background thread and should be faster and more reliable.
  • FTP (SecureSocket): Fixed a bug in the Compact Framework version that caused an unnecessary slowdown in Rebex Secure FTP for .NET CF when using SSL/TLS.

Users of Rebex Mail and Rebex Secure Mail are strongly advised to upgrade to this release if they use the mail parser. Also, users of Rebex Secure FTP for .NET CF would greatly benefit from the speedup provided by this release.

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