App Showcase: Secure Mail in OBAKE (a security add-in for Microsoft Outlook)

  |   David Ben Svaiter

Hi! My name is David Ben Svaiter

I’m involved with encryption for more than 20 years and, with the development of Windows applications for almost double of this time.

During the development of “OBAKE-LITE FOR MS-OUTLOOK” (an add-in for the Microsoft Outlook application to provide cryptography based on digital certificates and secret-key), I was working very hard but with very limited successes, due to the intrinsics of the Outlook and the S/MIME standard.

So, searching for some light on these subjects, I found REBEX; a company that was promising a lot of solutions to allow the easiest way to implement cryptographic security in the entire ecosystem that needs to utilize some of it and, in my personal case, a solution focused on the processing of messages using S/MIME (available in the SECURE MAIL library -

OBAKE toolbar

One of the best surprises I had during the implementation of my routine was the total commitment of REBEX in help me with the understanding of how S/MIME functions and, above of all, helping me to understand some of the MS-Outlook intrinsics – which is NOT part of their responsibility and job. The support provided by REBEX outfited all expectation I had have!

OBAKE screenshot

When I finished my job and following my plan to create the “full version” of OBAKE, a suite of several programs to allow users and companies to get the cryptographic solution in a very user-friendly way, my choice had been already taken: I would utilize REBEX libraries instead to produce my code, even having 100% control and technical skills to perform it.


It’s simple: to me, it is a total non-sense to try to “reinvent the wheel” unnecessarily, mainly when you have, together, true competent and committed partners to provide good and effective code, noticeably implemented in a very short time and based on efficient technical support.

So, why should I spend time, money, and efforts to make my own routines, if I’m really very comfortable with the REBEX libraries and support attendance?

And this decision showed me as the most right one, being fundamental to save many weeks of hard work. The REBEX team is, technically spoken, completely prepared and their support is really “out-of-box”, much beyond the support I’m used to having in the wild, even with the biggest companies in the world. I consider REBEX products and the entire team the best choice of security libraries. Certainly, they are (and will be further) my first choice in any other project involving security and cryptographic routines.

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